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        What to Know About
        Sapphire Hair Transplantation

        Sharp angled special surgical pens made of sapphire are used in sapphire hair transplantation. This specially designed pen allows multiple hair follicles to be transplanted in a single session. The surgical pen used in sapphire hair transplantation is V-shaped. The follicles collected from the donor area are cut in a V shape with sapphire-tipped blades and transplanted to the bald areas one by one.

        Sapphire hair transplantation begins as in the classical FUE hair transplantation technique. In the first stage, the hairline and the areas to be transplanted are determined. In the second stage, the donor area is shaved and the procedure is started by applying local anesthesia. In the sapphire hair transplantation method, the hair follicles are collected one by one with the help of a micromotor, as in the classical FUE technique. The collected hair follicles are kept in special solutions until the planting stage so that they do not lose their vitality. The area to be transplanted is numbed with local anesthesia. The third stage involves the opening of micro-channels with sapphire-tipped pens. The process is completed by planting hair follicles in the smooth holes of 1.0-1.3 mm. The natural growth angle of the hair is taken into consideration when performing hair transplantation. Thus, a more natural appearance is obtained. The natural hair angle is considered to be 45 degrees.

        Blades produced from sapphire material are used in sapphire hair transplantation. It is much healthier than the steel tips used in the classical FUE method. The classic FUE technique has a blade shape “U”. Sapphire hair transplantation uses a “V” shaped blade. Sharper blades can make holes that are conducive to the attachment of hair follicles. More follicles can be attached thanks to the micro channels opened at the appropriate size and depth. Thanks to the opened micro channels, more frequent follicle entrances can be created. Hair with follicles close to each other provides a more natural and dense appearance.

        Sapphire-tipped blades are thinner and smoother, resulting in minimal tissue damage. Since it leaves no scar on the skin, the recovery period after sapphire hair transplantation is short.

        The things to be considered after sapphire hair transplantation are explained to the patient in detail by the doctor. If the recovery period after hair transplantation is to be short and the recovery is to be effortless, the patient should follow the doctor’s recommendations. Hair should not be wet for 48 hours after the procedure. The first wash should be done under the control of a doctor or following the doctor’s instructions. During the healing process, the sea, pool, sauna, Turkish bath, and solarium are not suitable. It is important not to be exposed to direct sunlight until the recovery process is completed.

        After hair transplantation, it is necessary to be careful against impacts that will create pressure and trauma in the operation area. You should not lie on your back, wear a hat and wear very tight clothes for a few days. It is recommended to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes and to drink plenty of water for the recovery period to be short and to be completed without any problems.

        Although it is normal to experience itching, crusting, and flaking after hair transplantation, it may disturb patients. To reduce complaints, drugs, creams, and shampoos approved by the doctor should be used regularly. The healing process is completed within 1 year. After full recovery, new hair follicles can be fed internally and externally with oral supplements, cosmetic hair care products, and hair mesotherapy. These procedures should be applied after consultation with the doctor.

        Sapphire hair transplantation prices vary according to the number of sessions and the area to be treated. If the area of hair loss is large, the number of grafts and sessions increases. You can fill out the contact form to get more information about Clinic Evoy’s current sapphire hair transplantation prices.

        Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is heavily preferred for aesthetic surgeries, provides advantages for patients in many ways. The low quality of public hospitals and the very expensive private hospitals in many countries are among the most important reasons why people from all over the world prefer Turkey for plastic surgery.

        In addition, the following factors are among the reasons why Turkey is preferred for surgery.

        • Level of success and experience of surgeons
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        • Quality and all-inclusive hospitals
        • VIP transfers
        • Turkey’s stunning beauty
        • Holiday opportunities in Turkey
        • Translation services
        • Accommodation, meals, and other facilities.
        Sapphire Hair Transplantation
        Surgery Time 1-2 hours
        Back to Work 1-2 weeks
        Hospitalization Same day discharge
        Taking Shower 1 week later
        Mobility After 1 day of rest
        Activity in the Gym 4-6 weeks
        Sleeping Position 1-2 weeks on your back
        Complete Recovery 4-6 weeks
        Driving 1 week later
        saaphire hair transplant in turkey
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