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        What to Know About
        Brazilian Butt Lift

        Brazilian Butt Lift is a body aesthetic applied to people whose butt has lost its shape, is larger or smaller than normal, deformed for various reasons, and feels aesthetically uncomfortable.

        Brazilian Butt Lift can be performed with silicone or the other methods. Regardless of the method, it is performed under general anesthesia.

        People should go through a doctor’s control to determine the surgical technique. The fat tissue in the person’s body is important in determining the technique. Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure that takes 2-3 hours on average.

        The second alternative for those who want to have a Brazilian Butt Lift is a butt implant, in other words, silicone. Implants are used to enlarge and lift the hips. The prosthesis is placed under the skin without damaging the tissues in the hip. The recovery process of silicones requires more care than the other methods.

        A small amount of the other methods can be applied to achieve a more natural appearance in the butt shaping process with the silicone technique. The procedure may be more effective if the necessary areas around the prosthesis are filled.

        • Big hips have become even more popular lately. Butt lift surgeries are now preferred not only by women but also by men. Anyone who wants to achieve the ideal body appearance can consider a Brazilian Butt Lift.
        • Having the desired body directly affects self-confidence. After a Brazilian butt lift, patients’ self-confidence increases. Butt aesthetics both improve the physical appearance and make the person feel good.
        • Although some people are satisfied with the size of the butt, they are uncomfortable with its shape. Brazilian Butt Lift is preferred by people who want a more lifted and rounded butt.
        • Brazilian Butt Lift makes the body lines more defined. While the hips become fuller, the waist becomes thinner thanks to the fat taken from the abdomen. An aesthetic appearance with clear lines is obtained.
        • Your clothes wrap the body more aesthetically.
        • Since Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical operation, it is necessary to be patient during the recovery
        • It is necessary to rest in the hospital for 1 day after the procedure.
        • After the surgery, it is necessary to use a corset for a certain period. The corset, which is used for the period determined by the doctor, supports the treatment.
        • The body should not be too hard for 2-3 weeks after the surgery. The patient should not exercise or stand for long periods. The person can return to daily life 1 week after the operation.
        • After the operation, it is necessary not to lie down and sit on the hip for 2 weeks. You must lie face down.
        • It is not recommended to take a bath for the first 3 days after the operation.
        • Post-operative pain is normal. Pain control can be easily managed with pain medication.
        • If there are drugs prescribed by the doctor other than painkillers, they should be used.
        • The suture marks left after the operation fade over time and become indistinct. Since the incision line is located under the fork part, it is not visible from the outside.

        The technique or techniques to be used for the Brazilian butt lift may change the prices. The needs of the patient and the methods are taken into account when determining the price. Some of these methods can be used simultaneously. While doing price research, it is necessary to go through a doctor’s examination and learn the treatment plan from experienced physicians. You can contact us by filling out the form in the contact section to become a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey with the assurance of Clinic Evoy or to get more information.

        Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is heavily preferred for aesthetic surgeries, provides advantages for patients in many ways. The low quality of public hospitals and the very expensive private hospitals in many countries are among the most important reasons why people from all over the world prefer Turkey for plastic surgery.

        In addition, the following factors are among the reasons why Turkey is preferred for surgery.

        • Level of success and experience of surgeons
        • Affordable treatment costs
        • Quality and all-inclusive hospitals
        • VIP transfers
        • Turkey’s stunning beauty
        • Holiday opportunities in Turkey
        • Translation services

        Accommodation, meals, and other facilities.

        Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery
        Surgery Time 2-3 hours
        Back to Work 1-2 weeks later
        Hospitalization 1 day later
        Taking Shower 2-3 days later
        Mobility After 2-3 days of rest
        Corset Should be worn for 6 weeks
        Activity in the Gym 6 weeks later
        Swimming and Sauna 6-8 weeks later
        Sleeping Position 1-2 weeks on your back
        Complete Recovery 3-6 months
        Driving 1 week later
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