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    Benefits of breast reconstruction
    Benefits of breast reconstruction after fighting cancer

    Breast reconstruction procedure aims to recreate the aesthetic appearance, symmetry and size of one or both breasts following surgical interventions such as lumpectomy or mastectomy performed after a breast cancer diagnosis. This rebuilding process offers women diagnosed with breast cancer the opportunity to regain control of their bodies and personal image after going through an […]

    Should You Get a Body Lift After Extreme Weight Loss?

    Top Reasons You Need a Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss What is body lift after extreme weight loss and should you get it? The advancement of medicine and technology has enabled individuals suffering from obesity to lose weight quickly and effectively through various treatment methods and surgical interventions. It is natural for people who […]

    Benefits of having plastic surgery in winter
    Benefits Of Having Plastic Surgery in The Winter

    9 Benefits of Undergoing Plastic Surgery in The Winter Which season is best for plastic surgery? First of all, it should be known that these operations can be performed in any season, so there are no restrictions. However, in general, winter months are especially recommended if they are suitable for the patient. There are many […]

    Consultation with plastic surgeon
    What questions should you ask your plastic surgeon during the consultation?

    13 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon What are the interview questions to ask a plastic surgeon? Nowadays, both men and women may decide to undergo plastic surgery for many reasons. Each individual’s expectations, wishes and which operations they will undergo vary. However, it is essential that you ask your doctor some questions beforehand. On […]