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        What to Know About
        Gastric Bypass Surgery

        Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most preferred combined type surgeries in bariatric surgery due to its successful results. This technique reduces stomach volume and disables a certain part of the intestines.

        A small part at the beginning of the stomach is separated from the rest of the stomach. Some of the small intestines are bypassed and connected to the newly formed small stomach. Patients quickly reach a feeling of fullness by eating less. The absorption of most high-calorie foods is inhibited. Gastric bypass provides permanent weight loss.

        Gastric bypass operation is performed with laparoscopic, that is, closed surgery technique. General anesthesia is applied to the patient. To reach the stomach and surrounding tissues, 5-6 incisions with a diameter of 1 cm are made. At the intersection of the stomach and esophagus, the stomach is divided into two parts. One of these pieces is smaller. The newly formed small piece of the stomach is attached to the small intestines. The stomach, whose volume is reduced in this way, becomes full immediately even when small portions of food are consumed. The patient immediately feels full. Even if very high-calorie foods are eaten, most of them are excreted from the body without being absorbed. The patient loses weight in this way. The order of operation stages can be different in some techniques.

        • Gastric Bypass Proximal : It is the most commonly used method. A small stomach pouch is created at the stomach entrance. The larger part of the stomach is disabled. The small intestines are also shortened and connected to the new small stomach.
        • Loop Gastric Bypass (Mini Gastric Bypass) : The intestine is combined with the stomach without dividing it into two.

        Morbid obesity patients can have gastric bypass surgery. It is also recommended to be applied in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, which is difficult to control. It can be applied to people with a body index of 35 and above.

        To have gastric bypass surgery, it is necessary to be 18 years old. The doctor evaluates whether the patient has a disease that prevents surgery. During the examination, the patient should inform the physician about the diseases he/she has and the drugs he/she uses, if any.

        Diet is important after gastric bypass surgery. Nutritional recommendations of the doctor should be taken into account. In this process, carbonated drinks, prepared foods, and alcohol should be avoided.

        It is beneficial to be under the control of a dietitian after the surgery and to follow the diet program determined by the dietitian.

        Only liquid nutrition is required for the first 2 weeks after the operation. In the next 3 weeks, mashed foods are consumed. It is necessary to drink 2 liters of water a day. After gastric bypass surgery, the patient should be fed 3 meals a day. Meals should include fruit and vegetables, protein, and grain groups. Sugary foods should be avoided.

        Meat and chicken broth soup can be consumed after gastric bypass surgery. Fruit and vegetable juices meet the need for vitamins and minerals and prevent dehydration. Foods such as milk, yogurt, and ayran (a beverage made with yogurt) can also be consumed after surgery.

        Techniques used in bariatric surgery differ. If the patient has another operation to undergo and the length of hospital stay is prolonged, the prices vary. The methods used in gastric bypass surgery directly affect the prices. The techniques applied and the specialist physicians who will perform the application affect the prices of the surgery. Do not forget to fill in the contact form to get more information about gastric bypass operations, which is one of the most common weight loss operations in Turkey.

        Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is heavily preferred for aesthetic surgeries, provides advantages for patients in many ways. The low quality of public hospitals and the very expensive private hospitals in many countries are among the most important reasons why people from all over the world prefer Turkey for plastic surgery.

        In addition, the following factors are among the reasons why Turkey is preferred for surgery.

        • Level of success and experience of surgeons
        • Affordable treatment costs
        • Quality and all-inclusive hospitals
        • VIP transfers
        • Turkey’s stunning beauty
        • Holiday opportunities in Turkey
        • Translation services
        • Accommodation, meals, and other facilities.
        Gastric Bypass Surgery
        Surgery Time 3-4 hours
        Back to Work 1-2 weeks
        Hospitalization Discharge after 3 days
        Taking Shower 3-4 days later
        Mobility Same day
        Bandage Not needed
        Activity in the Gym 1-2 weeks later
        Sleeping Position As you wish
        Complete Recovery 3-4 weeks
        Driving 1 day later
        gastric bypass surgery in turkey
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