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        What to Know About
        FUE Hair Transplant For Women

        Women may suffer from hair loss due to various reasons. The main causes of hair loss in women are hereditary predisposition, hormonal disorders, aging, stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, etc.

        Although hair transplantation treatments are mostly preferred by men, women may also prefer hair transplantation for hair loss and baldness. Since the results of FUE hair transplantation treatment in women are very close to the natural appearance and are successful, it has been frequently preferred in recent years. FUE hair transplantation technique in women is a safe method that has been used since 2004.

        • Hairline is determined in the first stage of FUE hair transplantation in women. It is important to determine the hairline correctly in order for the hair to look natural. The area to be transplanted and the areas where hair loss occurs are also determined at this stage and the procedure begins.
        • In the second stage, only the area where the graft will be harvested is shaved. There is no need for shaving in other areas.
        • In the third stage, the donor area is anesthetized. Follicles are harvested one by one using a micromotor. The harvested follicles are kept in special solutions.
        • In the fourth stage, channels are opened in the areas to be planted using steel-tipped tools. Opening the channels at the appropriate depth and width is important for the hair follicles to hold on to the scalp.
        • At the last stage, harvested hair follicles are taken from the special solutions they expect and planted in the opened channels. At this stage, hair follicles should be planted in accordance with the growth angle of the hair. In order to obtain a natural and healthy appearance, the planting process must be carried out correctly. The entire procedure is completed in 6-7 hours.
        • After the operation, the views and recommendations of the physician should be taken into account. Paying attention to the recommendations both facilitates and shortens the healing process.
        • After hair transplantation, the patient should not enter the bath, sauna, solarium and should stay away from the areas where the procedure area may be irritated. It is necessary to be protected from very hot and very cold areas. The treatment area should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The patient should not swim in the pool and sea until the recovery is complete. The operation area should not come into contact with water.
        • Hair washing after the operation should be carried out under the control of a physician or by a physician. Shampoo, cream and medicines deemed appropriate by the physician should be used regularly. Recovery after FUE hair transplantation is completed within two weeks. “Shock shedding” occurs within 2-3 months after the procedure. The transplanted hair sheds and new ones begin to grow. Hair grows back in 6 to 12 months.
        • After the healing process is completed after FUE hair transplantation in women, hair follicles can be supported by feeding from both inside and outside. Oral vitamin and mineral supplements can be used under the supervision of a doctor. Hair follicles can be fed with hair mesotherapy and hair care products.

        FUE hair transplantation in women is one of the commonly used techniques. It is a developing technique that has been used since 2004. Thanks to the needle heads, materials, techniques and new technologies used, the FUE technique has been developed. It is a trustful technique as it has been used for nearly twenty years.

        Needle caps used in the FUE technique allow the physician to open thin channels. Thanks to the micro channels, the hair follicles can be attached to the skin and a successful result is obtained. There is no need to shave any area in the FUE hair transplantation technique in women. Only a small portion of the graft site can be shaved. Since other areas are not shaved, FUE hair transplantation technique is preferred by women.

        FUE hair transplantation technique in women gives permanent and definite results. The procedure is reliable and painless. Healing time is fast and easy as it does not require incision. Since local anesthesia is applied, the patient feels no pain during the procedure.

        Prices of FUE hair transplantation in women vary according to the number of grafts. The price changes as the area to be planted expands. In addition, the equipment, materials and anesthesia techniques used change the prices. Hair transplantation procedures should be performed in reliable centers and by experienced physicians. Clinic Evoy physicians are experts in their field. You can fill out the contact form to get more information about FUE hair transplantation for women and to have hair transplantation under the assurance of Clinic Evoy.

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        FUE Hair Transplant For Women
        Patient Reviews
        Surgery Time 1-2 hours
        Back to Work 1-2 weeks
        Hospitalization Same day discharge
        Taking Shower 1 week later
        Mobility After 1 day of rest
        Activity in the Gym 4-6 weeks
        Sleeping Position 1-2 weeks on your back
        Complete Recovery 4-6 weeks
        Driving 1 week later
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