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        What to Know About
        Eyebrow Transplantation

        Eyebrow transplantation techniques give aesthetic and natural results thanks to new generation technologies. There may be loss of eyebrows due to deformations for any reason, such as burns and wounds. Aesthetic appearance is regained by transplanting thinning and lost eyebrows.

        People who will have eyebrow transplantation can choose the eyebrow shape they want. In some cases, eyebrow transplantation is preferred only by people who want to change their eyebrow shape. Eyebrow transplantation provides the desired eyebrow appearance.

        The follicles to be used for eyebrow transplantation are collected from the nape area. The collected follicles are kept in special sterile solutions for a short time and planted following the growth angle of the eyebrows. The channels in the places where the eyebrows will be planted should be opened carefully. The channels are opened with percutaneous needles. These needles are very fine-tipped. Eyebrow transplantation takes 3-4 hours. The duration varies according to the number of eyebrow follicles to be transplanted. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, without feeling any pain.

        After the eyebrows are planted, it takes about 3 months for them to grow. During this period, newly planted follicles are in the process of body adaptation. This process is completed in about 1 year and new eyebrows begin to grow.

        • Small wounds and scabs that may occur after eyebrow transplantation are normal. These can be repaired with wound repair creams recommended by the physician.
        • After eyebrow transplantation, it is recommended not to enter the sea and pool, not to enter the solarium, and not to be exposed to direct sunlight for two weeks.
        • Regular dressings and controls should be performed as recommended by the physician.
        • It is normal to see small wounds and crusts in the operation area after eyebrow transplantation.
        • These can be healed with wound repair creams recommended by the physician.
        • It is recommended not to swim in the sea and pool, not to enter the solarium, and not to be exposed to direct sunlight for two weeks after eyebrow transplantation.
        • Regular dressing and control examination should be performed as recommended by the physician.

        Since many treatment methods and devices are used in the treatment of eyebrow transplantation, treatment prices vary. Eyebrow transplant prices vary according to the hair follicle to be transplanted. Techniques, tools, caps, and the experience of the practicing physician and his/her team may also affect the prices. A physician’s examination is required to determine an exact price. You can contact us via the contact form to meet the successful team of Clinic Evoy and to get more information about eyebrow transplant prices.

        Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is heavily preferred for aesthetic surgeries, provides advantages for patients in many ways. The low quality of public hospitals and the very expensive private hospitals in many countries are among the most important reasons why people from all over the world prefer Turkey for plastic surgery.

        In addition, the following factors are among the reasons why Turkey is preferred for surgery.

        • Level of success and experience of surgeons
        • Affordable treatment costs
        • Quality and all-inclusive hospitals
        • VIP transfers
        • Turkey’s stunning beauty
        • Holiday opportunities in Turkey
        • Translation services
        • Accommodation, meals, and other facilities.
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