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        What to Know About
        Dental Implants

        Implant tooth application is made to replace missing teeth or to complete broken teeth. Screws placed in the jawbone act as roots. The gap is filled by placing a dental prosthesis on the artificial roots. In implant treatment, adjacent roots and teeth are not damaged. After the treatment, the person regains both his/her aesthetic appearance and chewing functions. The implant procedure is a surgical procedure. For this reason, it is applied by specialist dentists.

        In cases where a single tooth is missing, a single artificial root can be placed in the place of the missing tooth. Implant treatment is also applied in cases of partial tooth loss. In addition, implants can be recommended in cases of tooth fracture or total edentulism.

        For dental implant application, the person’s oral and jaw health is expected to be suitable for this treatment. The jawbone in the area designated for implant tooth application should be suitable for the implant. The quality of the jawbone is important for treatment. Before the procedure, the patient’s bone health is checked with clinical and radiological control. Whether the patient is suitable for treatment is determined by x-rays taken before the application.

        There is no upper age limit for the implant procedure. If the patient’s general health, oral and dental health, and bone quality are suitable for treatment, the procedure can be performed. It may not be preferred in young patients whose bone development is still ongoing. Alternative treatments can be applied instead of implanting teeth. Expert dentists determine whether the patient can receive treatment or not.

        Detailed examination and x-ray examinations are performed before the implant. Since implant dental treatment is a surgical treatment, comprehensive controls must be made before the operation. In the first stage, dental and jaw x-rays are taken. The specialist dentist evaluates the X-rays. During the examination, the patient should inform his/her physician about his general health status and the medications he/she uses, if any. If the patient meets all the conditions, an appropriate treatment plan is prepared together with the dentist. At this stage, the patient is informed in detail about what to do before and after the operation.

        Anesthesia is used to prevent pain during implant dental treatment. Local anesthesia or sedation can be applied according to the preference of the person. The general anesthesia method can also be applied if deemed appropriate by the dentist. With a minor operation, the implants are placed in the jawbone. This process ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The adaptation period of the jawbone and implants is approximately 3 months. If no complications occur, the implants are fused to the bone at the end of the waiting period. The second and final stage is the attachment of the prosthesis to the artificial roots. Prostheses are specially designed to give the person the most beautiful smile.

        Implant dental treatment is a groundbreaking treatment method used in the treatment of lost teeth. The advantages of this method, which has a success rate of 97%, are quite high in terms of both comfort and aesthetics.

        • Since it is difficult to distinguish from natural teeth, implanted teeth provide an advantage in terms of aesthetic appearance.
        • High-quality implants made by specialist physicians are long-lasting and provide lifetime use.
        • Implant teeth do not require much maintenance. It provides ease of use as it is structurally similar to natural teeth. It can be maintained simply by brushing and flossing.
        • Implant teeth provide ease of chewing and comfort in speaking and laughing thanks to their artificial roots. Thanks to implants, the closest experience to natural teeth is obtained.
        • During dental implant treatment, there is no need to process the adjacent teeth. Only the focused tooth or teeth are processed.

        Implant dental treatment is the most advantageous treatment method that can be used to replace lost tooth or teeth. Implants provide the most natural appearance and the most comfortable feeling. There is no problem such as slipping, breaking, or coming off while talking, chewing, or laughing. It has the same function as natural teeth. It is firmly placed in the jawbone and is firmly attached to it. It can maintain its durability for a lifetime thanks to good care. It is one of the best treatment methods that can be used in tooth loss due to its aesthetic appearance and comfort.

        After the implant procedure, maximum attention should be paid to oral care for a few days. It is necessary to avoid movements that will put pressure on the teeth and gums for 2 days after the implant tooth is placed. Hard foods should not be chewed. Very hot or very cold food and drinks should not be consumed. The mouth should not be rinsed within 1 day after the implant is applied. At the beginning of the post-treatment period, it is necessary to be careful while cleaning the mouth. It is necessary not to apply too much pressure with the toothbrush, and not to gargle.

        Implant patients should also include interface brushes in their oral care routine. The spaces between the implant and adjacent teeth should be carefully cleaned with interface brushes or dental floss. It is also recommended not to smoke or drink alcohol after the operation. It is recommended to stop smoking until the area heals. If the dentist recommends the use of drugs after treatment, it should be taken into account and the drugs should be used regularly. If regular care is provided and the doctor’s instructions are strictly followed, the treatment process is completed without any problems.

        It is useful to pay attention to nutrition during implant dental treatment. The first 3 months after the start of treatment is the fusion period of the jawbone and the implant. During this period, soft foods should be included in the diet to minimize the risk of complications and not to prolong the treatment process. Very hot and cold foods should be avoided. Warm, room temperature yogurt, oatmeal, soup, soft meat, cake, and bread can be preferred. Freshly squeezed fruit juices can also be consumed frequently to meet the need for vitamins.

        The duration of treatment may vary depending on the number of implant teeth. Treatment of a single tooth loss is carried out in as little as 30 minutes. The more tooth loss, the longer the treatment period will be. Another factor that determines the duration of treatment is the compatibility of the artificial roots with the patient’s jawbone. If this harmony is achieved in a short time, the dental prosthesis attached to the artificial root can be added within 3 months. A temporary prosthesis is attached for 3 months and the treatment continues. The average duration of treatment is 4-6 months, but it is different for each patient.

        Screws used in implant treatment are made of titanium. Since titanium is a material that the body accepts as its own part, it is preferred in implant dental applications.

        Implant dental treatment is also frequently used in anterior teeth. For this reason, one can think of whether an aesthetic and natural appearance can be obtained. A more natural look is achieved thanks to the zirconium coating, which has been used frequently in recent times. It is frequently preferred especially in the treatment of anterior teeth.

        Implant prices vary depending on the operation. Techniques used for implant tooth application affect the price. The brands of the materials used in the implant process and the prices of these brands are different from each other. Clinical examination is required to determine the price. Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world with the success of its physicians. You can fill out the form in the contact section to be informed by our dentists at Clinic Evoy in Turkey.

        Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is heavily preferred for aesthetic surgeries, provides advantages for patients in many ways. The low quality of public hospitals and the very expensive private hospitals in many countries are among the most important reasons why people from all over the world prefer Turkey for plastic surgery.

        In addition, the following factors are among the reasons why Turkey is preferred for surgery.

        • Level of success and experience of surgeons
        • Affordable treatment costs
        • Quality and all-inclusive hospitals
        • VIP transfers
        • Turkey’s stunning beauty
        • Holiday opportunities in Turkey
        • Translation services
        • Accommodation, meals, and other facilities.
        Dental Implant Operation
        Surgery Time 1 hour
        Back to Work 1-2 weeks
        Hospitalization Same day discharge
        Taking Shower Whenever you want
        Mobility Whenever you want
        Supporting Equipment Not needed
        Activity in the Gym 1 week later
        Sleeping Position As you wish
        Complete Recovery 2-3 weeks
        Driving 1 day later
        dental implant in turkey
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