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        What to Know About
        Breast Uplift

        Pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, weight gain, or body-related reasons cause the elasticity of the connective tissues in the breast to be lost. As a result of this, the shape of the breast deteriorates, and it begins to soften and sag. People with large breasts start sagging at an earlier age. In addition, the use of an incorrect bra causes the breast to lose its firmness early. One of the most frequently used surgical interventions today to get rid of all these is breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery is a surgical operation performed to recover, lift and restore the ideal shape of the breast that has lost its form under general anesthesia.

        Today, creams, massage applications, various electronic devices, and many other products are marketed with the claim that they are effective in breast lifts without surgery. However, none of them have a breast lift effect. Contrary to popular belief, doing sports and exercise is not an effective method for a breast lift. The reason why all these methods are not effective is that there is no anatomical connection between the chest muscle and the appearance of the breast tissue. Breast lift is only possible with surgical intervention.

        Breast uplift surgery is performed with two different methods. In people with large breasts, excess breast tissue is removed, and in people with small breasts, silicone is placed under the skin to give the breasts an upright appearance. In addition, asymmetrical appearance disorders between the breasts can also be eliminated.

        Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Before the operation, the breast tissue is reshaped within the framework of the proportions determined by the doctor and the patient. The surgery is completed in about 2 hours. This period may be extended or shortened depending on the degree of sagging, breast size, and skin type.

        After the operation, the patient is awakened by the anesthesiologist and taken to her room. Here, the health status of the person is checked and food is given. Generally, patients can be discharged on the same day. Breast uplift surgery is generally performed together with breast augmentation surgery and breast reduction surgery.

        The patient is usually discharged on the same day in breast lift surgeries. Unless the doctor recommends otherwise, she can take a shower within two days. It is recommended to avoid sports and exercise activities during the first three weeks. During this period, a sports bra that grips the breasts is used. It can take about 3 months for the breasts to take their final shape. This whole process and the patient’s health status are carefully followed by Clinic Evoy and all questions that come to your mind are answered in detail.

        Breast lift surgeries are often performed at the same time as breast augmentation surgery. In most cases where lifting is required, the breast volume is large and this should be supported with a silicone implant. 

        If you are planning to have a baby soon, breast uplift surgery is recommended at the end of the pregnancy and breastfeeding period, because sagging and volume changes occur in the breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

        Depending on the technique applied in breast lift surgery, some scars may remain. This is inevitable. In this surgery, there may be a scar in the form of a light line extending from the nipple to the inframammary line. These scars are in the bikini area. They fade over time, but they do not disappear completely. It is recommended to use cream to keep the scars at the lowest level after the surgery.

        Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is heavily preferred for aesthetic surgeries, provides advantages for patients in many ways. The low quality of public hospitals and the very expensive private hospitals in many countries are among the most important reasons why people from all over the world prefer Turkey for plastic surgery.

        In addition, the following factors are among the reasons why Turkey is preferred for surgery.

        • Level of success and experience of surgeons
        • Affordable treatment costs
        • Quality and all-inclusive hospitals
        • VIP transfers
        • Turkey’s stunning beauty
        • Holiday opportunities in Turkey
        • Translation services
        • Best hospitals and clinics
        • Accommodation, meals, and other facilities
        • All inclusive packages

        Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in the world for plastic surgery. The biggest factors in this are; It is a great country in terms of quality hospitals, all-inclusive prices, highly experienced doctors. In addition, it is quite cheap compared to other countries due to exchange rates. Breast uplift surgery prices in Turkey vary depending on the desired package. Clinic Evoy offers very different all-inclusive prices suitable for budgets in this area. You can fill out our contact form to learn our prices and perform an instant online inspection.

        Breast Uplift Surgery
        Surgery Time 2 hours
        Back to Work 1-2 weeks
        Hospitalization Same day discharge
        Taking Shower 1 week later
        Mobility After 2 day of rest
        Support Bra 4-Should be worn for 5 weeks
        Activity in the Gym 2-3 weeks later
        Swimming and Sauna 4 weeks later
        Sleeping Position 1-2 weeks on your back
        Complete Recovery 6-8 weeks
        breast uplift surgery in turkey
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