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    What is mini face lift surgery?

    The most prone part of the body to show signs of aging is the face area. In addition to advancing time; Mimics that affect the facial muscles, such as facial expressions, laughing and crying, also deform the muscles under the skin and cause a wrinkled appearance on the skin. Mini Face-Lift surgery, may be a good solution to eliminate the affects of aging and look younger. More about Mini Face-Lift is in the rest of the

    What is Mini Face Lift?

    Wrinkles, fine lines and sagging that become prominent with aging can make the person look older than they are. Mini face lift aims to prevent sagging and wrinkles that occur in the central part of the face, around the chin and neck.

    During the mini face lift procedure, minimal incisions are made. The operation scars are hidden between the facial folds so that they are not visible when viewed from the outside. Mini face lift is a simple procedure with local anaesthesia. Optionally, the procedure can be performed with light sedation.

    How is Mini Face Lift Surgery Performed?

    The mini face lift technique targets sagging and wrinkles in the lower face. In the mini face lift technique, an incision of 5 to 7 cm is made starting from the front of the earlobe to the scalp behind the ear. By targeting a limited area, the facial skin is lifted and pulled upwards.

    In this technique, where natural results are obtained, the stitches do not attract attention because they are hidden in the ear folds and scalp. With mini facelift surgery, the sagging in the lower part of the face and chin area is recovered. Thanks to this simple operation, patients can see themselves 10-20 years younger.

    What are the Benefits of Mini Face Lift Surgery?

    With mini face lift surgery, sagging skin, aging lines and wrinkles can be prevented. With mini face lift, a treatment with minimal scarring can be applied in a shorter time. The healing process is easy and social life can be returned within 1 week.

    As it can be performed at a young age, it is a more permanent technique that can be preferred instead of procedures such as botox or fillers. After the operation, a noticeable rejuvenation is seen on the face. Since there is no change in facial expression, a natural appearance is obtained.

    What is the Difference Between Mini Face Lift Surgery and Full Facelift Surgery?

    Mini face lift surgery is a simpler operation compared to full facelift surgery. The mini face lift method is performed by making tiny incisions and thus a natural appearance is achieved. Mini facelift surgery targets the problems in the lower face area, while in full facelift surgery, the entire facial skin is stretched. Since it is applied to the whole face, it takes longer and is performed under general anaesthesia. Mini facelift can be performed under local anaesthesia as it targets a specific area.

    Mini facelift recovery time is easier than full facelift. The person can return to social life within 1 week. Postoperative swelling and bruises are less compared to full facelift surgery. Since bleeding and incisions are less in mini facelift operation, it is easier for the patient to return to daily life.

    Who is Suitable for Mini Face Lift?

    Mini face lift procedure may not be suitable for everyone. It is generally preferred for fine lines and slight sagging observed in women under the age of 40. It is intended to lift the lower part of the face. It is preferred by those who want a more permanent solution rather than procedures such as fillers and botox.

    This procedure, which is generally preferred by people over the age of 30, is suitable for both men and women. Plastic and aesthetic surgeons can answer the question of who can undergo mini facelift. This decision can be made in accordance with the age of the person and the level of damage to the skin.

    What Should Be Considered Before Mini Face Lift Surgery?

    Mini lower face lift surgery is a procedure performed at advanced ages. It is usually applied between the ages of 30 and 40. This technique can be applied to people who are evaluated according to skin elasticity and health status. Before the procedure, it should be checked by our team members/surgeon and treatment should be applied if necessary. In addition, smoking and alcohol use should be stopped as it may adversely affect the healing process.

    When Can I Return to Social Life After Mini Face Lift Surgery?

    The recovery process of mini facelift surgery is much easier compared to the full facelift procedure. Mini facelift recovery period is 1-2 weeks. There is no long process of 1 month as in full facelift. Edema, swelling and bruises after mini facelift surgery are limited. The face gains its new appearance within a few weeks.

    Those who have a mini facelift can have this procedure repeated 7-10 years or more later. Its permanence may vary according to the skin structure of the person. After the procedure, it is necessary to pay attention to regular skin care, use sunscreen and not to gain and lose weight frequently as it can change the shape of the face.

    How Much Is Mini Face Lift Surgery Price?

    Mini facelift prices have become more affordable than before with the advancement of science and technology day by day. While determining the prices in aesthetic surgery, where many factors are taken into consideration for successful and healthy results, these factors may affect the prices.

    The hospital where the operation will be performed, the surgeon and the patient’s condition are among the main determinants affecting the price of surgery. If you want to take steps to achieve a young, new and fresh appearance, call us now to get information about the most suitable procedures for you and to meet with Clinic Evoy members who are experts in their field!