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    Benefits of breast reconstruction

    Breast reconstruction procedure aims to recreate the aesthetic appearance, symmetry and size of one or both breasts following surgical interventions such as lumpectomy or mastectomy performed after a breast cancer diagnosis.

    This rebuilding process offers women diagnosed with breast cancer the opportunity to regain control of their bodies and personal image after going through an emotional process.

    There are two common Breast reconstruction procedures used to treat breast cancer. Lumpectomy is a surgical intervention performed in cases where cancer is present but has not yet metastasized. During this procedure, a mass is removed from the patient’s breast and the breast shape and size may often vary.

    Mastectomy is a surgical procedure in which part or all of one or both breasts of a patient diagnosed with breast cancer is removed. Mastectomy can cause significant changes in the size, shape and appearance of the breasts.

    What are the Advantages of Breast Reconstruction?

    benefits of breast reconstruction surgery

    There are various reasons why patients choose to have a breast reconstruction procedure after mastectomy or lumpectomy.

    Breast reconstruction increases confidence and self-esteem

    For many women, the loss of breast tissue following a lumpectomy or mastectomy can negatively impact confidence and self-esteem. Breast reconstruction can restore affected breasts to a more natural appearance. This process can also boost many patients’ self-esteem and help them regain confidence.

    Breast reconstruction restores proportionality and balance

    If one breast is affected after a Breast reconstruction lumpectomy or mastectomy, especially if only one breast is affected, many women may be bothered by the perceived lack of symmetry and balance in their body.

    Breast reconstruction can restore this sense of balance and proportion, restoring the breasts to their pre-breast cancer appearance.

    Breast reconstruction may eliminate the need for prostheses

    Many women who have had a Breast reconstruction lumpectomy or mastectomy may prefer a special breast form prosthesis. However, fitting the breast form may require the use of special bras or adhesives, and some women may prefer it to feel like a natural part.

    Breast reconstruction eliminates the need for a prosthesis by creating a new breast, helping the patient feel like a natural part of their body.

    Who Can Have Breast Reconstruction?

    Breast reconstruction surgery after cancer

    It is important to consider a number of factors when making a decision about breast reconstruction.

    The best candidates for a breast reconstruction procedure are generally healthy nonsmokers who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy and are trying to restore the shape and size of the affected breast or breasts.

    Following a healthy diet, following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions meticulously, and setting realistic expectations for the procedure can contribute to a smooth and effective recovery process.

    Additionally, patients who smoke regularly, are overweight, or have health conditions such as hypertension or diabetes may face additional complications during the healing process from breast reconstruction and may not be ideal candidates.

    ​How Breast Reconstruction is Done

    how is breast reconstruction is done

    This method, which is performed using a tissue expander and prosthesis, is the most frequently preferred reconstructive method. In the first stage, the pocket prepared for the breast prosthesis is created with the tissue expander. In the second stage, the breast prosthesis is breast implanted and symmetry with the other breast is achieved.

    After the tissue expander is placed, inflation is performed with SF for approximately three months. In reconstructions performed by tissue transfer, tissue taken from another part of the body (e.g. abdomen, back, etc.) is transferred to the missing area in the mastectomy area along with its circulation. Breast prosthesis is not used in this method. After surgery, symmetries may occur in the other breast, but these can be corrected with revision operations. How Breast reconstruction procedure is done can be answered thus.

    Academic Studies on Breast Reconstruction

    Breast loss is a psychologically traumatic process for many women. Breast loss can have a negative impact on body image in women. Reconstruction comes into play here and can repair body image, thus being beneficial. In this regard, it is said that general satisfaction and self-esteem increase in immediate reconstruction patients compared to delayed reconstruction patients. It is also stated that anxiety and depression decrease.

    Additionally, women who underwent reconstruction up to 6 months after surgery were found to have poorer body image compared to those who only underwent mastectomy. They also conducted a study on 419 women with breast cancer under the age of 40. It has also been discovered that reconstructive surgery reduces body image concerns in this age group.

    Apart from these, the quality of life also tends to improve in women who undergo reconstructive surgery. In a study conducted on women who underwent implant-extensive procedures, after 1 year of follow-up, the quality of life of the patients was found to be similar to the general population.