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    Top Reasons You Need a Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss

    What is body lift after extreme weight loss and should you get it? The advancement of medicine and technology has enabled individuals suffering from obesity to lose weight quickly and effectively through various treatment methods and surgical interventions. It is natural for people who lose weight to experience skin sagging and various deformations after these surgical procedures.

    The aesthetic problems caused by these deformations may prevent individuals from feeling well both psychologically and socially and may also cause physical difficulties. After obesity surgery it is important to benefit from aesthetic applications to deal with this excess skin and deformations. Thanks to aesthetic operations called post bariatric surgery applied to various parts of the body and face patients who get rid of excess skin can continue their normal lives without any problems.

    Why Should Those Who Lose Excessive Weight Have Surgery?

    loss excess weinght with surgery

    Surgical interventions that enable individuals with excessive weight problems to lose weight quickly are called bariatric surgery. Especially people who cannot lose weight with exercise or diet alone and who have excess weight that causes health problems can benefit from bariatric procedures. Bariatric techniques such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric by-pass surgery and gastric balloon reduce the stomach volume in order to help individuals with excess weight problems maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

    Post bariatric surgery aesthetic interventions to correct skin sagging, loosening and deformations caused by weight loss after bariatric methods. Different operations can be performed depending on the excess skin condition that occurs in various parts of the body and on the face. Post bariatric procedures are requested by almost all individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery.

    One of the most important reasons for this demand is the desire to shape the body after excessive weight loss and obtain a more aesthetic appearance. In addition, post-bariatric procedures positively affect patients’ psychological states, allowing them to enjoy their social lives more.

    In men and women who lose weight after bariatric surgery operations, more pronounced skin sagging and deformations occur in some parts of the body than in other parts. The skin, which is stretched due to excess weight, begins to loosen in these areas after weight loss. The skin loses its flexibility and has difficulty adapting to the body and face. Areas where excess skin is commonly seen include around the waist and abdomen, upper arms, inner thighs, chest, above the knees, hips, face and neck.

    Who can undergo aesthetic surgery after extreme weight loss?

    Sagging and excess skin in these areas are the situations where patients experience the most distress. Especially on the upper arm, skin that gathers in the form of wings and hangs down can be observed. Excess skin in the abdominal area, which sometimes extends to the genital area, can sag down to the shadow of the abdomen in the chest area. In essence, body lift after extreme weight loss can be done every patient that doctor approved.

    For Which Patients Is Body Lift Suitable After Excessive Weight Loss?

    aesthetic surgery after losing weight

    Individuals with excess weight problems lose fat mass in almost every part of their body and face through diet, sports or bariatric surgery methods. After this weight loss, post bariatric applications are used to eliminate excess skin. Women and men who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery or other obesity surgery interventions can benefit from post-bariatric surgery procedures.

    However, in order to benefit from these applications, patients must reach the appropriate metabolic state after weight loss, taking into account their age. At the same time, it is also important for patients’ body mass index to remain at normal levels and to maintain a certain weight, especially after bariatric operations. If your doctor approved, body lift operation after weigh loss can be done.

    Academic Studies on Body Lift

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    The hips, thighs and abdomen areas of the body are the areas that patients worry about the most after excessive weight loss. The typical appearance in people who have lost a large amount of weight is due to a combination of factors such as body morphology varying by gender and a change in body mass index resulting in excess skin and soft tissue, and thin skin.

    In women, there is excess skin on the front abdominal wall, side and hip areas, as well as cellulite and excess skin on the thighs and buttocks. In men, similar changes are noticed in the abdomen, side, hip, inner thigh and groin areas.

    The body contour hallmark of massive weight loss in both men and women is a result of fat metabolism through bariatric surgery or the inability to fully retract skin and soft tissues following lifestyle changes. Excess skin and soft tissues descend inferomedially from the characteristic areas of fat accumulation. Correct patient selection is critical to maximize the likelihood of a good outcome and minimize complications following body lift surgery.