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    1) Introductions

    After you leave us your contact information, our “Medical Advisors” will contact you in order to analyze your wishes and needs in the most accurate way and to provide you with detailed information about your procedure.


    2) Online Consultation

    Our medical consultants will get information from our specialist physicians in the health facilities we have contracted for you and will inform you in detail about the most appropriate and best treatment plan for you.

    3) Planning

    Your hospital appointment, accommodation and transfer organization will be planned by our operation team to make you most comfortable.


    4) Welcome

    As soon as you land in Izmir, Clinic Evoy’s friendly and sincere team will meet you at the airport and will be with you to be your best friend throughout your entire process.


    5) Examination and Operation

    You will meet the specialist physician who will perform the operation you have applied for and you will be examined face to face before the operation. If no extreme problem is encountered during the examination, your physician will perform the operation.

    6) Rest

    After your operation, you will be discharged from the hospital with the approval of your doctor.

    We will accompany you to your high-comfort hotel, which has been arranged for you in advance, and we will leave you after making sure that you are comfortable and relaxed during your rest period


    7) Check-Up

    After your rest period determined by your doctor, our team will pick you up from your hotel to make your follow-up appointments and provide you with a post-operative check-up with your physician.


    8) Goodbye!

    After your transfer to the airport, our team will send you off to your country with your new look. Hope to see you among us again : )


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